Welkom bij Ravioli Brothers The Hague

Hotelservice 24/7
Breakfast 08:00 - 11:00 ( uitzonderingen alleen voor hotelgasten of partijen in overleg)
Breakfast to go or coffee to go please visit our businesspartner Lekker Brood
Lunch (12:00 - 14:30)
Diner (18:20 - 22:00, orders to kitchen until 21:15)

Open 24/7 for hotelguests
Restaurant MA-ZA,
Sunday depends on our staff availability, students have to rest to😊 We are a teaching company, we are creating, inventing & making our pasta fresh in our pastakitchen. We have no mise en place, everything is sliced, diced & cooked at your service, so take the time, sit back, relax and enjoy! In a hurry, join us another day visit our neighbors, with their world kitchens and specialized in fast service. Thank you and happy to see you, out our convenience!

Met smakelijke groet,
Team Ravioli Brothers
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